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Do you choose a word for the year ahead?

I haven't tried this before, but several of the incredible women I have connected with over recent years do choose a word. They use the word as a grounding pin, a reference point, a guide for the months ahead. Something to focus on when the path feels rocky.

I have chosen the word TRUST for 2022, to develop:

  • Trust in myself - there are challenges ahead, and I often struggle to believe in my own abilities.

  • Trust in the process - try to roll with the punches more, be more present, and just go with it.

  • Trust in what is to come - the work I have put in is leading me to bigger and better. I need to believe this, otherwise what is the point?

  • Trust in connection - I have met and worked with incredible people, and this has led to some amazing opportunities, with more to come.

Do you have a word for the year to come? I'd love to know.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous 2022, with much love as always,

Anna x x

31st December 2021


When plans & energy mismatch


My Sunday should have been visiting a venue with the hope of hosting in-person workshops there, dropping copies of my book to an indie shop in Southsea and filming a fun reel for IG.

As soon as I woke up this morning, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Wrong time of the month, wrong time of the year. My mind and my body craved rest and sleep.

I could have powered through. I could have done all I'd planned, but I would have struggled over the next week as I wouldn't have had the energy to what I have to do with work. So, I did what I needed to do (sorry, no reel today!) and rested.

Part of living creatively and honouring yourself is being flexible, knowing your body, listening to what you need and doing that.

October 18th 2021

Photocredit: Liberty Photography/Aurora Way

Creativity through connection...

... and how finding your tribe is so important. 

Earlier this month, I attended a networking event with The Female Creative, and being in a room with other women forging their own path was so empowering and uplifting!

I have written before about the importance of finding your tribe, your people who "get" you. Who are your cheerleaders. Who support your dreams and your path. Whether this is in promoting your business or helping you find your creative outlet, having that circle around you will help you grow your self-belief.

I am so grateful to be part of this group, and that I have found other connections, such as the creativity circle held by Meg Kissak and Katie Snyder. Without these women, I wouldn't be writing a second book, and I wouldn't be putting myself out there in running workshops.

So, to all of my tribe, I love you. Thank you for being my cheerleaders 💜 x x

October 11th 2021

Photocredit: Laboheme Photography

Seasonal shift

I have definitely noticed a change in the morning air, despite the silly temperatures of the last few days here in Britain. There's a crispness starting to come through, signalling the move into autumn (which I think is my favourite season).

A time for taking stock, slowing down, preparing for the darker, colder months ahead (when I think I should most definitely be hibernating, but my husband won't allow it!).

Just like the natural world, of which we are a part, we need to honour the seasonal change. I for one am looking forward to getting out my thick tights, snuggly jumpers, cosy blankets on the sofa, and devouring hot chocolate by the bucketful. Walks along the beach in autumn feel more grounding to me, and seeing the trees go through their gorgeous displays of colour - the golds, reds, oranges, yellows... Their final display of beauty before sleeping.

September 8th 2021

What do you see...

Do you see a middle aged woman who has "let herself go"? A woman past her prime. A woman who should really dye her hair to cover up those greys, who should really consider botox? A woman who should take more care of her figure, should get her gut to the gym and lose some weight? A woman who should know better than to make a spectacle of herself in public?

Or do you simply not see me, my presence nearby not registering? Just another older woman blending into the background of society?

Or do you see a woman comfortable in her own skin? A woman confident in wearing vibrant clothes, tattoos, and her silver hair as jewellery? An accomplished professional at the top of her game? A creative soul experimenting and playing with art, having fun? A loving mother and doting grandmother? A woman who is living a life in spite of the traumas and the stresses it has thrown at her, embracing each day with gratitude and love?

What do you see?

July 1st 2021

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