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New book "When Green Pigs Fly & Other Musings" is AVAILABLE NOW!! 

“I believe that every one of us is born with wings.”
So what does it feel like to truly fly?

Following on from the success of her debut book, “Green Pigs & Me”, Anna now reflects on how far she has come despite the obstacles of her past. Written over the course of 2021, we follow her flight path and the turbulence she encounters along the way. There are moments of celebration and riding the thermals, but also low points where she feels almost grounded. 

This book comprises a series of essays, musings and journal-style entries, and will encourage you to consider your own flight path, reflect on how far you’ve come and contemplate how you can create your journey ahead.

“Are your wings tethered? Where does your heart want to fly to? Are you ready to stretch those wings?”


Photo credit: Aurora Way Photographer / Liberty Photography

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Green Pigs and Me

What would you say to your younger self if you had the opportunity? What would you want them to know?

Anna had spent two decades criticising herself and decisions she had made, punishing her body; trying to be “enough” for everybody and still feeling “less than”. In her early forties, she experienced a shift in perspective and was able to reflect on past experiences with older, wiser eyes. Green Pigs and Me is a collection of letters to Anna’s younger self, written during the pandemic lockdown. She looks back at key events in her lifetime with kindness and gratitude, giving her younger self the hope and guidance that she needed fifteen years ago. Her wish is that others will also find hope, and maybe reach out to their own younger self to explore their past, to meet themselves again with compassion and understanding, and to move forward from what may be keeping them stuck.

Photo credit: Andrew Jenkins @jiltedphotography on IG

Cover design: Katie Brookes Illustrations

Photo credit: Cydnee Brook Photographer

Why Green Pigs & Me?

The title of the book came from an experience I had as a schoolgirl in Primary School, which I talk about in the book.


We had made papier mache pigs, and I painted mine green with daisies. It was “wrong”; it should have been pink because “pigs aren’t green, are they?”.


It was an incident where I was taught that I shouldn’t express myself or be creative; I should conform, and by conforming I will be a “good girl” and people will like me.


This stuck with me for years, even though conforming didn’t always lead to being liked. I certainly wasn’t popular and wasn’t brave enough to fly my own flag.


I would try to be what I thought others wanted me to be, and not until my forties would I start to go my own way.

Green Pigs and Me - An Extract

My darling Anna,


You are probably wondering what I’m doing writing letters to you, my younger self. I see you now, just turned thirty. You couldn’t celebrate your birthday as your youngest son, eight months old, was in hospital with cellulitis. You started your new job about six weeks beforehand and are wondering what your new boss must be thinking!


Your twenties were a rollercoaster of different relationships, getting to grips with your career as a nurse, with motherhood, homemaking and trying to be everything to everyone.

What about you?


The next fifteen years are not easy. Work is challenging, motherhood even more so. And that question – what about you? – remains at the back of your mind for a long time. I am writing to tell you things I wish I had known – wish you had known at the time now that I have lived through it. I have had time to reflect and want to send you words of support, encouragement, love and hope.


Life continues to be a challenge, my love, but in a much more fulfilling and inspiring way. You may feel lost now, but you begin to discover yourself, I promise. And in doing so, you begin to find peace.

The first thing I learned the hard way and wish for you to know now: you cannot pour from an empty cup.


You cannot continue to be everything to everyone, and you will learn to take care of you. You remember that you are important too. You are the most important person to love and nourish. You just need to give yourself permission to do so.

With so much love

X x

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